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Careers Showcase

Here you will find videos showcasing the career paths of nuclear physicists from around the world! We will update this page regularly according to the Content Timetable so please check back later to hear from even more experts.

Dr Andrew Petts

Listen to Dr Andrew Petts talk about his role as a Nuclear Reactor Physicist at EDF, Hartlepool.

Dr Lucy McAreavey

Listen to Dr Lucy McAreavey discuss her role at the Royal Marsden Hospital, and the career path she took to get there.

Dr Jonathan Wright

Listen to Dr Jonathan Wright describe the path he took to become a radiometric Physicist at Cavendish Nuclear and what he does in this role.

Dr Chantal Nobs

Listen to Dr Chantal Nobs discuss her role as a radiometric researcher working at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy.

Dr AJ Mitchell

Hear Dr AJ Mitchell discuss his path to becoming a lecturer at the Australian National University, in Canberra.

Dr Carl Unsworth

Listen to Dr Carl Unsworth, a Software Engineer working at STFC Daresbury Lab, discuss his work and career path.

Dr Mike Slee

Listen to Dr Mike Slee, a team leader and principal gamma spectrometrist at Jacobs, describe how his role relates to the nuclear industry.

Dr Kevin Tree

Listen to Dr Kevin Tree, a lecturer based in Cumbria, review his career path and why he entered nuclear physics.

Dr James Cocks

Listen to Dr James Cocks, Division President at Mirion Technologies Inc, discuss his role and career pathway.